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LEAP Forward Inc extends our appreciation to the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) for our 2019 Grant Award!  Thank you for supporting our youth programs!

2019 LEAP Scholarships Applications Available Now!

Scholarship Criteria - Listing of all scholarships


Wilson Ennis Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Wilson Ennis Sr. Bio Sheet

Nannie Pearl Taylor Cade Memorial Scholarship

Nannie Cade Bio Sheet

MacArthur Jones Memorial Scholarship

Raymond Harris Memorial Scholarship

Earl S. Thorne Memorial Scholarship

Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship

Gloria Mae Gross Memorial Scholarship

Clyde Jones Jr and Carrie Bertha Jones Scholarship

George H. and Geneva Green Harrod Memorial Scholarship

Lawrence Roy Myers Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn V. Irvine Memorial Scholarship

Clifton Morsell and Randolph Adams Memorial Scholarship

Hamilton Sr. and Alice Parran Memorial Scholarship

Wallace Lorenzo Leeper Memorial Scholarship

Leeper Bio Sheet

Victoria Lodge #71 F&AM, P.H.A. Scholarship

Grace Parker Memorial Scholarship








NSBE Jr CASH 2018-2019 Information




Join Us July 8, 2018 for our Annual Scholarship Reception

We are happy to announce our 2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients!

LEAP Forward: Clifton Morsell - Randolph Adams Morsell Memorial Scholarship

Angela Arnold – Huntingtown – $500

 Samirah Brown – Northern – $1000

 Trinity James – Northern –$500

LEAP Forward: Gloria Mae Gross Memorial Scholarship

Cedrick Hawkins – Huntingtown  $750

Grantley Bourne – Huntingtown –$1000

 LEAP Forward: Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship

Destiny Dillon – Calvert – $1000

Kayla Williams – Calvert – $1000

 LEAP Forward Hamilton and Alice Parran Memorial Scholarship

Tiffany Jackson – Northern - $1000

Anna Kelly – Calvert – $750

 LEAP Forward: Lawrence Myers Memorial Scholarship

Taylor Jackson – Northern –$3000

 LEAP Forward: Victoria Lodge #71

Tarah Carter – Calvert – $750

 LEAP Forward: Raymond Harris Memorial Scholarship

Dorien Minor - Calvert – $1000

Jaeden White – St. Mary’s Ryken –$1000

 LEAP Forward:  Clyde Jones Jr. and Carrie Bertha Jones Scholarship

Jalaysia Weems – Calvert - $1000

 LEAP Forward: Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship

Kenadi Wilkerson – Huntingtown – $1000

Kennady Ford – Calvert – $1000

LaVonne Alston – Northern - $1000

Brandon Hooker – Calvert –$1000

 LEAP Forward: Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship - $500

Robin Freeland –  Huntingtown $500

Rache Cogborn – Calvert -$500

urrent College Students Awards

 LEAP Forward: Earl Thorne Memorial Scholarship - $1000

Nia Adams – Northern – Towson University – Pre-Nursing

 LEAP Forward sponsored: Earl Thorne Memorial Scholarship - $600

Lauren Cunningham – Northern – Towson University -  Speech Pathology and Audiology 

Joseph Berry – Calvert - Coastal Carolina University - Information Science

Kayla Bush – Calvert – University of Maryland Eastern Shore  – Rehabilitation Services

Alexys Adams – Northern - College of Southern Maryland/University of Maryland College Park - Communications

 LEAP Forward:  George H. and Geneva Green Harrod Memorial Scholarship - $500

Nehemiah Stewart - Huntingtown University of North Carolina - Biochemistry

Aiyonna White  - Northern – University of Southern California -  Journalism

Mikayla Salazar – Calvert – St. Mary’s College of Maryland – Political Science




 Congratulations LEAP Forward and President Rhonda Thomas - 2018 Volunteer of the Year for Calvert High School!

Congratulations LEAP Forward Rhonda Thomas 2017 Calvert County Recipient of the William Donald Schaefer Award



2018 Scholarship Applications Available - Apply by April 4, 2018 or April 6, 2018

Read this First - Scholarship Criteria 2018

Raymond Harris Memorial Scholarship

Raymond Harris Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship

Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Earl Thorne Memorial Scholarship

Earl Thorne Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Gloria Mae Gross Memorial Scholarship

Gloria Mae Gross Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Hamilton and Alice Parran Memorial Scholarship

Hamilton and Alice Parran Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Clifton Morsell and Randolph Adams Memorial Scholarship

Clifton Morsell and Randolph Adams Memorial Scholarship - pdf

George and Geneva Harrod Memorial Scholarship

George and Geneva Harrod Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Lawrence Myers Memorial Scholarship

Lawrence Myers Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship

Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Victoria Lodge #71 Scholarship

Victoria Lodge #71 Scholarship - pdf

MacArthur Jones Memorial Scholarship

MacArthur Jones Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Clyde and Carrie Jones Scholarship

Clyde and Carrie Jones Scholarship - pdf

Evelyn V. Irvine Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn V. Irvine Memorial Scholarship - pdf

Congratulations LEAP Forward - Rhonda Thomas 2017 Calvert County Recipient of the William Donald Schaefer Award



Congratulations NSBE Jr. CASH Ten80 Radio Controlled Car Race Team

The Calvert Cruisers NSBE Jr. Bridge Magazine Article



NSBE Jr. CASH Partners with the Southern Maryland Boys and Girls Club



2017-2018 Scholarship Applications Now Available

LEAP Forward welcomes 2 new scholarships for 2017

  • Gloria Mae Gross Memorial Scholarship

  • Earl S. Thorne Memorial Scholarship

Thank you Gross and Thorne Families for Honoring their Memory with a Gift for Others


Scholarships In Memory of:

Wallace Leeper - Bio

2017 Application - Word

2017 Application - PDF

Gloria Mae Gross  - Bio

2017 Application - Word

2017 Application - PDF

Earl S. Thorne - Bio

2017 Application - Word

2017 Application - PDF

Violet Parker - Bio

2017 Application - Word

2017 Application - PDF

Clifton Morsell Sr. and Randolph Adams - Bio

2017 Application - Word

2017 Application - PDF

Raymond Harris - Bio

2017 Application - Word

2017 Application - PDF

Victoria Lodge #71- Bio

2017 Application - Word

2017 Application - PDF

Thank you Dominion Foundation and Walmart Foundation for your support of LEAP Forward in 2016-2017


Walmart Representatives presenting Check to LEAP Forward, Inc.


Congratulations President Rhonda Thomas

2016 Recipient of the Calvert County Citizen of the Year Award

from the Southern Maryland Omega Psi Phi Fraternity



LEAP Forward awards scholarships to 16 local students --

2015 Scholarship Reception A Success - July 19, 2015

Congratulations NSBE Jr. CASH

*****Member of the Year - Dorien Minor

*****Volunteer of the Year - Destiny Dillon

*****Parent of the Year - Moszett Dillon

*****Advisor of the Year - Tonya Wilkerson


Thank you Jack and Jill for choosing LEAP Forward!

October 3, 2015 - Wine Tour Fundraiser


Just Released for your review - June 4, 2015!

LEAP Forward Annual Report for 2014 (16M)

LEAP Forward Annual Report for 2014 (3M)

Congratulations!  Congratulations!  Congratulations!

           2015 LEAP Forward Scholarships

Charles and Carol Lee Memorial Scholarship

Sydney Buckmire           $1000.00         Calvert           

Breona Buck                  $1000.00         Calvert           

Randolph Adams-Clifton Morsell Memorial Scholarship

Ryan Adams                  $500.00           Northern         

Joseph Berry                  $500.00           Calvert           

Shala Thomas                $500.00           Northern         

 Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship

Monae Mackall              $1000.00         Calvert                              

 Hamilton and Alice Parran Memorial Scholarship

Joshua Bell                    $500.00           Calvert           

Moriah Avery                $500.00           Calvert                       

 Raymond Harris Memorial Scholarship

Autumn James               $1000.00    Huntingtown

Chardee Gross              $1000.00    Huntingtown

 Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship

Karissa Fenwick            $600.00           Patuxent         

Brianna Mason              $600.00           Calvert                       

Madison Tonic              $600.00           Calvert                       

Kailyn Hutchins             $600.00           Calvert           

Raesha Estep                 $600.00           Calvert                       


Fundraiser at Applebees - June 13, 2015

Eventbrite Tickets Available

Check out this News Article

2015 Scholarship Applications Now Available!

Parran 2015 (Word)     Parran 2015 (pdf)

Parker 2015 (Word)     Parker 2015 (pdf)

Lee 2015 (Word)        Lee 2015 (pdf)

Harris 2015 (Word)     Harris 2015 (pdf)

Leeper 2015 (Word)    Leeper 2015 (pdf)

AdamsMorsell 2015 (Word)    AdamsMorsell 2015 (pdf)


New Scholarship for 2015 - Thank you to the Parran Family!  


LEAP Forward will administer the Hamilton Sr. and Alice Parran Memorial Scholarship.



THANK YOU SMECO for your financial support!


THANK YOU PRINCE FREDERICK WALMART for your financial support!


Thank you Best Buy Foundation for the $5000 Community Grant to continue support to our

Technology Opportunities program to enrich and expose students to Science, Technology,

Engineering and Math.   We are honored to partner with Best Buy to provide STEM educational

opportunities for underrepresented students in Calvert County and we look forward to

seeing the positive impact the donation will have on our students as we provide hands-on

activities to increase awareness and understanding of STEM career options.  Best Buy,

which is located in Waldorf, Maryland, contributed the grant to LEAP Forward

through the Best Buy Foundation, which is made possible

through contributions of Best Buy Co., Inc retail store operations and special fundraising. 

The community grant supports programs that give teens access to opportunities through


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Press Release


National Society of Black Engineers Jr. Chapter - Creative and Striving Hard to Succeed

Attends the Fall Regional Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.  Eighteen chapter member

traveled to the conference on November 14th and took part in numerous hands-on activities,

toured the mobile science laboratory, witnessed competitions for Math Count, Tri-Math A Lon,

and NASCAR Ten80, and attended workshops and a career fair; and toured the University

of Pittsburgh School of Engineering!

This experience was funded in part by the Dominion Foundation!

Combined Federal Campaign 2014 is here!

Designate Launching Educational Assistance Programs Forward #91127

CASH NSBE Jr Chapter attends the Fall Regional Conference in Pittsburgh!

Thank you Dominion Foundation for your Financial Support

19 Students Exposed to and Participated in STEM Activities




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                      You Shop - Amazon gives to LEAP Forward!


LEAP Forward is Exposing Youth to new opportunities!

STEM Event at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD

College Fair with Congresswoman Donna Edward (center)


Visiting the John Hopkins University Robotics Lab


October 27, 2014

CAASA awards LEAP Forward Above and Beyond Certificate in appreciation for

Anti-Substance Abuse Program conducted during our Tutoring and Mentoring Program


The Calvert Recorder Newspaper - Wednesday, August 20, 2014


National Society of Black Engineers Jr. Chapter - Creative and Striving Hard to Succeed

                                            2014-2015 Schedule

Congratulations LEAP Forward - Recipient of a Community Grant

from the Dominion Foundation - Thank You!


LEAP Forward holds Successful Scholarship Reception on July 13th

Press Release

Program Booklet



Check out article

May 14, 2014

LEAP Forward Announces 2014 Scholarship Recipients

April 2014

Ferrnand Personna Memorial Scholarship

 SUNY Scholarship Recipients 2014

Shanice Brown

Nerissa George Sabrina Fernandez

Bethzaida Rivas

Karina Soler

Taina Wagnac


Comments from Guest Speaker Mr. Norman R. McConney, Jr.

Excellence is about an opportunity to excel.  Given an opportunity to excel; education without “consciousness” is “nothingness”. 

What are you going to do with your excellence?  Are you going to give back? 

Your opportunity is a gift attached to your giving back. 

Make a difference.  Set a trend. Be academic capable and qualified.  Stand for something. 

This movement in this country about not serving people has to be stopped. 

Don’t leave without a message you can carry forward.  Make your mind work for someone besides yourself.


April 2014

Calvert County NSBE Jr. Creative and Striving Hard (CASH) to Succeed congratulates

Chapter President Juwan Hawkins for being honored as the 2014 Young Leader's Award

by the NSBE Washington DC Professional Chapter!

April 2014

Calvert Bikers United Fund Raiser A Success!

Thank you to all the Bike Clubs and Individuals that Participated


April 2014

LEAP Forward's Annual Report for 2014!  Check out our 2013 activities!

Thank you Board Member, Maurice Irvine for all your hard work on the newsletter!


April 2014

 Thank you Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse for the mini-grant!

                                              Press Release

LEAP Forward initiates "TOO SMART" Campaign

"TOO Smart" Graphics by Beth Mead, Patuxent High School


What is our National Society of Black Engineers Jr Chapter up to?

* Fundraiser -

Please enter Group Number 990062269

Sale Continues Through July 2014 - Please Order


* March 2014

We are headed to the National Conference in Nashville, TN

Our high school team will compete in KidWind Challenge 2014!

*NSBE Jr. Spring Meetings to be held on April 27th and May 18th

Don't forget on April 26th - USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC

*Creative and Striving Hard to Succeed - Calvert County NSBE Jr.  Chapter

Here are all our photos.  Click this link:

Exploring STEM

Annual Bike Ride Fundraiser - April 13th Registration begins at Noon

Sponsorship Opportunities


LEAP Forward is pleased to announce the Fernande Personna

Memorial Scholarship for 2014!  Recipients will receive financial

support for their educational endeavors at  State University of

New York in Albany!  Contributions for this scholarship may be given

via mail or paypal.  Please note fees associated with paypal credit

or debit card contributions.  Specifically, designate your donations

to "Fernande Personna Memorial Scholarship Fund".

LEAP Forward is honored to administer this scholarship for

such an extraordinary women!


Congratulations to Board President Rhonda Thomas!  She was awarded the 2014

Maryland State Education Association Minority Recognition Award

for Community Involvement on January 18, 2014 at Martins Crosswinds,

in Greenbelt Maryland!

2014 LEAP Forward Scholarship Applications Now Available

▲New for 2014!  Raymond Harris Memorial Scholarship


Application Word

Application PDF

▲Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship


Application Word

Application PDF

▲Clifton Morsell - Randolph Adams Memorial Scholarship


Application Word

Application PDF

▲Rev. Charles Lee Sr. Memorial Scholarship


Application Word

Application PDF

▲Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship


Application Word

Application PDF

Happy New Year!

Join the Calvert County Jr. Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers  in 2014!

Meeting Dates, Time, and Location:


LEAP Forward now participating in the Federal Government

Combined Federal Campaign #91127!   Yes, CFC #91127!

Learn more at

November 8-10, 2013

LEAP Forward's NSBE Jr. CASH chapter attends Fall Regional Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina


October 2013 -LEAP FORWARD receives grant from Calvert Alliance Substance Abuse

(CAASA) for anti-abuse program!


Black Engineer of the Year Award for Community Service


Press Release August 4, 2013

LEAP FORWARD 2013 Scholarship Reception

"Building Success One Brick At A Time"

GROUP PHOTO - Scholarship Recipients and Family Donors



2013 Scholarship Program - See what you missed!


Calvert County NSBE Jr. Chapter - Creative and Striving Hard (CASH) _ Join Us!

Monthly Meetings to be held on August 18th, September 22nd, October 27th, November 8th and December 22nd

NSBE Jr. Group Tours Naval Air Station located in Patuxent River, Maryland!



LEAP Forward Announces our 2013 Scholarship Recipients!  Congratulations to ALL!

   LEAP Forward Adams-Morsell Memorial Scholarship ($600) 

  Erik Haskell II        Patuxent High School  

  Danielle Deville     Patuxent High  School

  Torez Cooke           Salisbury University

   LEAP Forward Lee Memorial Scholarship ($1000)   

  Karrah Findley       Calvert High School

  Kortinai Moore      Patuxent  High School

  Brittany Brown      University of Maryland College Park 

 LEAP Forward Parker Memorial Scholarship ($1000)

  Symphony Love     Patuxent High 

  Raneese Tyler       Stevenson University

 LEAP Forward Leeper Memorial Scholarship ($600)

  Keisha Capers        Calvert High School

  Matthew Doxie       Patuxent High School

  Kaitlyn Torney        Patuxent High School

  Eric Gross               Patuxent High School

  Malaysia Johnson    Calvert High School

  Tavaughn Weeks     Calvert Country School


What a pleasure to meet Inventor James West!

LEAP Forward supports NSBE Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter Fundraiser

May 4, 2013

YOUTH participate in Patriots Technology Summit at Bowie State University


April 13, 2013

    Congratulations to LEAP Forward Founder and President

    National Society of Black Engineers Alumni Extension Washington DC

    2013 Humanitarian Award Recipient


March 9, 2013 

Youth take Part in STEM FAIR at Howard University, College Tour and Visit to MLK Jr. Memorial!!

Students pictured with past Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

National President Gwendolyn Boyd.


Students attend Robotics Workshop presented

by Spelman College's Robotic Team!

Chaperons get in on the fun!

Students enjoyed their first time visit to the MLK Jr. Memorial!


    Black Engineer Magazine

To read the edition, simply click on the link below: 

CONGRATULATIONS to LEAP FORWARD Founder and President, Rhonda Thomas selected as the Black Engineer of the Year for Community Service by the Career Communications Group!



2013 Black Engineer of the Year Awards
By USBE Online
Jan 15, 2013, 22:39




Freeman Hrabowski III from University of Maryland Baltimore County Receives Top Honors


(Baltimore, MD) December 2012—Workforce leaders in industry, education, government, and professionals and students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields will meet in Washington D.C. February 2013 at the annual Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) STEM Conference to address the challenges of recruitment and retention in STEM and promote opportunities in technical and scientific careers.

BEYA is the nation’s largest gathering of STEM professionals and leaders committed to increasing the percentage of underrepresented communities in the technology workforce.  The annual conference is hosted by the Council of Engineering Deans at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Lockheed Martin Corporation, and US Black Engineer & Information Technology (USBE&IT) magazine.

According to USBE&IT magazine Publisher and BEYA Chairman Tyrone Taborn, “The need for this initiative is more important than ever. Education is the key to American competitiveness, and our nation is falling behind.  That’s why leading military officers, U.S. government officials, and Fortune 500 executives have committed to addressing this crisis by attending and supporting the national conference to strengthen the STEM pipeline.”

Taborn also pointed out that, “Fewer young people are selecting STEM study paths as the global demand for technological workers increases.  To keep engineering and scientific jobs in the United States, and ensure America maintains her leadership, we need to inspire a new generation of Americans to pursue STEM careers.  One way to do so is to spotlight successful role models already in these fields.”

The BEYA STEM Conference—which is scheduled for February 7-9, 2013 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C.—will recognize a number of technology leaders who will be acknowledged for their career achievements and their efforts in strengthening the STEM pipeline. Among them is Freeman Hrabowski, III, the president of University of Maryland Baltimore County, considered one of America’s best leaders by U.S News & World Report.

This three-day national event brings together students, college administrators, recruiters, engineering and IT professionals, scientists, and high-level decision-makers from the corporate, government, and military communities, in an effort to broaden diversity in this country's technical and scientific workforce. Formore information, visit

Black Engineer of the Year

Freeman Hrabowski, III
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Career Achievement-Government

G. Derrick Hinton
Principal Deputy Director, Test Resource Management Center
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics
Department of Defense
Career Achievement-Industry

Alicia Boler-Davis
Vice President, Global Quality and U.S. Customer Experience
General Motors

Robert L. Curbeam, Jr.
Vice President, Mission Assurance, Quality & Raytheon Six Sigma
Raytheon Company

Community Service

Rhonda Thomas
General Engineer
Federal Aviation Administration

Diversity Leadership-Government

Barbara Miller, Ed.D., LCSW
Director, Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity
NASA Ames Research Center

Diversity Leadership-Industry

Patricia L. Lewis
Vice President, Human Resources
Information Systems and Global Solutions
Lockheed Martin Corporation

J. Anthony Wingate
Manager, Subsystems and Components Quality Engineering
Sandia National Laboratories

Lifetime Achievement

General Dennis L. Via
Commanding General
U.S. Army Materiel Command
United States Army

Most Promising Engineer-Government

Tonya Bazemore
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Moses Nii Kpakpo Mingle
Chief of Electronic Warfare Systems Ground Branch
Communications Electronics Research, Development
and Engineering Center
U.S. Army

Most Promising Engineer-Industry

Richard A. Johnson
Engineering Systems Operator
The Boeing Company

Terrell D. Neal, Ph.D.
Senior Electrical Engineer II
Raytheon Company

Outstanding Technical Contribution–Industry

Jama A. Mohamed
Senior Principal Systems Engineer
Raytheon Company

Donnell Walton, Ph.D.
World-Wide Applications Engineering Gorilla Glass
Corning Incorporated

Pioneer Award

Shan Cooper
Vice President & General Manager
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Cynthia M. Shelton
Vice President
General Dynamics

Lauren C. States
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
IBM Corporate Strategy
IBM Corporation

President's Award

Theodore Colbert, III
Vice President, Information Technology Infrasuructure
The Boeing Company

Marachel L. Knight, PE, PMP
Vice President, Program Management
AT&T Services Inc.

Professional Achievement-Government

Omarr Tobias
Operations Officer, 2nd Naval Construction Regiment
Civil Engineer Corps
U.S. Navy

Professional Achievement-Industry

Roy Foreman
Electrical Engineer Manager
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Samer A. Saleh
Director, Planning and Services, Operations Strategy
Abbott Diagnostics

Promotion of Education

Bobby L. Wilson, Ph.D.
L. Lloyd Woods Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Shell Oil Endowed Chaired Professor of Environmental Toxicology
Texas Southern University

Student Leadership – Graduate level

Je’aime (Jamie) Powell
Grid Manager/Graduate Researcher/Network Analyst
Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research
Student Leadership-Undergraduate

Nahom Tewolde
FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

Technical Sales and Marketing

Eric L. Anderson
Director, Integrated Business Planning
The Boeing Company

Keith L. Coleman
Structural Design Engineer

Visionary Award 

Philip D. Benson, Jr. PE, PMP
Vice President
Water Business Group

Larry Williams
Director, Interior Engineering Systems and Components
Chrysler Group LLC





Launching Educational Assistance Programs Forward, Inc.

LEAP Forward, Inc.

Prince Frederick, Maryland



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE              Contact:     Rhonda Thomas

                                                                             President & Founder

Date:   January 28, 2013                                   301.509.3872                                                                                                     


LEAP Forward and Hooked On Nero join forces to establish local National Society of Black Engineers Jr. Chapter in Calvert


On January 26th, nine charter members of the National Society of Black Engineers Jr. (NSBE Jr.) met at Ledo’s Pizza in Prince Frederick, MD to establish a new local chapter.


The National Society of Black Engineers is a student operated organization that provides a pre-college initiative for youth to develop and master their science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) fields.  The organization’s mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professional and positively impact the community.   World headquarters is located in Alexandria, VA and chapters exist nationally as well as internationally.


Students who participate in the newly formed chapter will be able to benefit from engineering competitions such as Try-Math-A-Lon, academic enrichment programs including mentoring and tutoring, camps and conferences such as the national conference to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana in March and free magazine subscription to the NSBE Bridge.


This new NSBE Jr. chapter was named by the charter members and will be called CASH (Creative And Striving Hard) to Succeed.  Shanell Nero who is an electrical engineering graduate of Morgan State University and is the CEO of Hooked On Nero, a math tutorial company, will spearhead efforts with Rhonda Thomas.  Rhonda Thomas and advisor Wilson Ennis Jr., are electrical engineering graduates of Tennessee State University and Board Members of LEAP Forward, a local nonprofit that provides educational services to minority youth.   Numerous other minority engineering professionals who have roots in Calvert County are also on tap and eager to participate. 


Nero and Thomas feel that this targeted organization will provide needed inspiration, encouragement, and pride to our youth!  Membership is still open and all students are encouraged to join as they will definitely benefit just from the exposure to new and different opportunities.  The group’s next meeting will be held on February 24th.  For additional information please contact Rhonda at 301.509.3872 or email her at


Charter members for CASH include the following students:  President, Keisha, a Senior at Calvert High; Vice President, Keontae, a Senior at Calvert High, Treasurer, Dorien,    Financial Secretary, Imani, and Secretary, Joey.  Other charter members include Destiny, Jocelyn , Kiana, Jahmaya, Kayla, Kyra, Zachary,  Nicholas, and Jared.




2013 Memorial Scholarship

     Applications Now Available


Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship



Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship



Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship



Randolph Adams and Clifton Morsell Memorial Scholarship





Other Scholarship Information


If clicking on the link doesn't work, copy and paste the URL in your web browser.)
2) Student Inventors Scholarships
3) Student Video Scholarships
4) Coca-Cola Two Year College Scholarships
5) Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships
6) Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships
7) Brand Essay Competition
8) Gates Millennium Scholarships (major)
9) Xerox Scholarships for Students
10) Sports Scholarships and Internships
11) National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships (NABJ)
12) Saul T. Wilson Scholarships (Veterinary)
13) Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
14) FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid Scholarships
15) Presidential Freedom Scholarships
16) Microsoft Scholarship Program
17) WiredScholar Free Scholarship Search
18) Hope Scholarships &Lifetime Credits
19) William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students
20) Multiple List of Minority Scholarships
21) Guaranteed Scholarships
22) BOEING scholarships (HBCU connects)
23) Easley National Scholarship Program
24) Maryland Artists Scholarships
26) Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship (for AA students in South Florida)
27) Historically Black College & University Scholarships
28) Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students
29) International Students Scholarships & Aid Help
30) College Board Scholarship Search
31) Burger King Scholarship Program
32) Siemens Westinghouse Competition
33) GE and LuLac Scholarship Funds
34) CollegeNet ' s Scholarship Database
35) Union Sponsored Scholarships and Aid
36) Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways 25 Scholarship Gateways from Black Excel
37) Scholarship &Financial Aid Help
38) Scholarship Links (Ed Finance Group)
39) FAFSA On The Web (Your Key Aid Form &Info)
40) Aid &Resources For Re-Entry Students
41) Scholarships and Fellowships
42) Scholarships for Study in Paralegal Studies
43) HBCU Packard Sit Abroad Scholarships (for study around the world)
44) Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities
45) INROADS internships


46) ACT-SO EUR Olympics of the Mind "A Scholarships
47) Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships
48) ScienceNet Scholarship Listing
49) Graduate Fellowships For Minorities Nationwide
51) The Roothbert Scholarship Fund



CHOOSE LEAP FORWARD #91127 Page 53!Federal Government Combined Federal Campaign 2012


Have you ever considered establishing a scholarship in memory of your loved one?

Let LEAP Forward show you how!   Guidelines!  Guidelines!



Supporting TSU and Encouraging Student interest in STEM!



Important Information Student Scholarship Reference Guide


Congratulations to LEAP Forward's

Founder and President, Rhonda Thomas

2012 Woman of the Year

Concerned Black Women of Calvert County!



Here's a good reason why we need more women engineers... A few Lifetime members 

of the National Society of Black Engineers.


Center: LEAP FORWARD's Founder

Rhonda Thomas NSBE Lifetime Member #174



Young Ladies We Need YOU...

Maya!!  Keisha!! Nina!!



July 16, 2012

Press Release 2012 Scholarship Reception held








May 29, 2012


LEAP Forward announces 2012 Scholarship Recipients


Wallace Leeper Scholarships

Jalen Scayles  - Calvert High School

 Tonique Butler - Calvert High School

Brittany Brown – Huntingtown High School

Markeisha Creek- Calvert High School

Sylvester Phillips -Calvert High School

 Adams-Morsell Scholarships

Michael Greene – Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Torez Cooke – Frostburg State University

Violet Parker Scholarships

Lachelle Stewart - Calvert High School

Shakira Chapman - Calvert High School

Rev. Charles Lee Scholarships

Darius Jones – Patuxent High School

Riddicia Mackall – Howard University



May 5, 2012

LEAP Forward sponsors Youth to attend Technology Summit sponsored by the Patriot Technology Center


April 14, 2012

Calvert Bikers United - Benefit Bike Ride

Thank you Alma and Conrad for organizing this event!

Thank you Bikers and Contributors!

Thank you Mr. Malcolm Fuller and Harley-Davidson!

                            PRESS RELEASE

Launching Educational Assistance Programs Forward, Inc.

LEAP Forward, Inc.

Prince Frederick, Maryland


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact: Maurice -Board Member


Calvert County Bike Rides for LEAP Forward, Inc.

Was a Success!

On Saturday 14 April, 60 motorcycles and their passengers participated in the Calvert County Bikers United first annual charity ride in support of LEAP FORWARD, Inc.  This was the first fund raising event for 2012.  The motorcycles departed the Prince Frederick Shopping Center at 11:00 am and headed North on Route 4 with a police escort provided by the Calvert County Sheriff Department.  The planned route took the bikers through Calvert, Anne Arundel, Prince Georges and St Mary's counties.  The final destination was Vera's Beach Club in Lusby, MD.  The ride took approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.  While at Vera's, a number of door prizes were given away. 

Special thanks to Alma Thomas and the Southern Maryland Spinners Motorcycle Club for planning this event.  Additional thanks to other members of Bikers United (Calvert County Joy Riders Motor Cycle Club, Eclipse Sport Ryderz Motorcycle Club and too Deep Motorcycle Club).  Special thanks to the other riders from other bike clubs and persons outside of Calvert County who participated. Special thanks also for those who made contributions but could not participate in the ride.  We also thank Kim Thomas, Pam Berry, Rhonda Thomas and Dorissa-from the Eclipse Motorcycle Club for getting all the bikers registered.  Thank you Corporate Headquarters of Harley Davidson for donating key chains, magnets and pens! And extra special thanks to Myra Campbell for soliciting  many of the  items used for door prizes from the many business in Calvert County including a one night stay at the Holiday Inn-Solomons. Also thanks to the many local businesses and the Board members who provided the door prizes.

We also extend a thank you to the Calvert County and Charles County Sheriff's Departments, who donated their time for the ride escort.

LEAP Forward would like to thank the following businesses for their contributions that helped make the event a success:

KenMar Liquors           ABC Liquors                                  Lusby Liquors

Subway                       Holiday Inn Solomon                     Captain's Table

IHop-Prn. Fred.           Jake & Al's Clubhouse                  Ranch Liquors               

Southern Liquors        Jerry's Subs & Pizza-Solomons     Pam4homeinteriors

Facebook                    Rudy Duck Brewery & Grill






Learn more on how LEAP Forward is making a difference in the educational

challenges facing our youth. Visit our website:

Thank you Harley-Davidson for providing key chains and other Harley items to support LEAP Forward's Bike Ride!

Thank you Myra for securing door prizes!

Thank you Vendors who provided door prizes!





March 27, 2012

National Society of Black Engineers Conference in Pittsburgh, PA

NSBE Washington DC Chapter selected Chapter of the Year.

LEAP Forward's Founder Attends Life Membership Reception


Photos Courtesy of NSBE


Pittsburgh - The City of Bridges


Edward Gilliam Honored as His Family Looks On


Boris Kojo attends NSBE Conference



Ambassador Andrew Young Speaks



Exhibit Hall busy with activities




March 19, 2012

2012 Annual Report - LEAPERS Newsletter!

Thank you Board Member, Maurice Irvine


$30,000 available in Scholarships visit


Reminder - Scholarship Applications due April 2, 2012!


Students check out the Scholarship Guide for 2011-2012!!


February 14, 2012  Scholarship Bios

   Violet Parker Bio

   Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Bio

   Morsell-Adams Bio 

   Wallace Leeper Bio



   January 23, 2012         SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS 2012

   2012 Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Application (Word)

   2012 Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Application (pdf)

   2012 Wallace Leeper Memorial Book Scholarship Application (Word)

   2012 Wallace Leeper Memorial Book Scholarship Application (pdf)

   2012 Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship Application (Word)

   2012 Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship Application (pdf)

   2012 Clifton Morsell-Randolph Adams Memorial Scholarship

   Application (Word)

   2012 Clifton Morsell-Randolph Adams Memorial Scholarship

   Application (pdf)                    

                     Applications due April 2, 2012

  • LEAP Forward participates in the Calvert County, MD Local Scholarship Application                

  • The 2012 Calvert Local Scholarships Application allows Calvert County students the opportunity to apply for 26 local scholarships using one application form.  To access the guidelines, Provider List, and the 2012 Calvert LSA form; please go to, then click on the Calvert LSA tab.  Download and print the Guidelines and Provider List and then download the 2012 Calvert LSA fillable PDF form, complete online, print and follow instructions for the Calvert LSA Mail-In Packet.  Any questions, please contact Sonia K. Wagner at



                                                      November 11-13, 2011 

                                         College Tour of TSU in Nashville, TN

LEAP Forward President speaks to Students from Erie, PA  August 2011


LEAP Forward holds its Scholarship Reception on July 16, 2011
            Press Release


 2011 Scholarships Announced

Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarships

Huntingtown High School      $500.00 Book Scholarships

   Dashawn Torney                Stevenson University            

   Briana Wilkerson                 UMES                                    

   Pierce Jordan                     Temple University                  

   Jared Adams                      Shenandoah                            

 Patuxent High School             $500.00 Book Scholarships

   Tyler Austin                       Salisbury                                

   Daneya Boyd                      Salisbury                                

 Northern High School             $500.00 Book Scholarships

   Randl Dent                        VA Union                              

   Malik Tonkins                    GWU                                     

 Calvert High School               $500.00 Book Scholarships

   Tierra Cooke                     Husson University                 

   Turquoise Biscoe                UMES                                    

   Shameka Harvey                Stevenson                               

   Raneese Tyler                   Stevenson                               

   Latara Swann                    Morgan                                   

   Travon Long                     Stevenson                               

 * Pam Offer Memorial Scholarships Administered by LEAP Forward, Inc.

 Huntingtown High School

Sonya Crane*                    Towson  

Calvert High

Tiffany Toye*                   Morgan   

Current College Student

Kyle Hutlzer                      Yale

 Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarships Administered by LEAP Forward $1000.00 Scholarships

Northern High School

Jordan Paul Wilson            Seattle University                                           

Current College Students

Kelsey Edwards                 Lincoln Memorial                

Riddicia Mackall                 Howard      


  •                                 ENGINEERING DAY
  • Engineering and College Prep Day held on April 3, 2011! at The Greater Bibleway Church located at 2300 Sixes Road Prince Frederick, Maryland.     Presentations! Panel Discussion!  Hands On Demonstrations!  Exhibits!  Youth Joined a panel of African American Engineers and other professionals who shared their knowledge and wisdom!   It's never too early to start preparing for a great future! 




                                         Engineers Burdette Wills, Baron Dill, Carlton Russell, Marseta Dill, Rhonda Thomas, Alma Thomas, Wilhemina Greene, Shannell Nero, Dr. Anthony Waul

  •                           COLLEGE TOUR 2011

  • College Tour for College Bound African American Young Men who are High School Juniors or Seniors; GPA at least 2.5; can present PSAT, SAT or ACT scores; considering an out-of-state University.  Location: Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. November 11-13, 2011

  •         College Tour Interest Application due 9/15/2011

                                 NEWSLETTER 2011

  • 3/11/2011  LEAP Forward Annual LEAPERS NEWSLETTER

  • 2/24/2011 Thank you note from Barstow Elementary!

  • 2/24/2011 Engineering Day at Barstow Elementary School  In support of National Engineering Week 60th Anniversary, Hundreds of students participated in this outreach activity as LEAP Forward provided  presentations, demonstrations, and exhibits!

                     SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS 2011

  • LEAP Forward participates in the Calvert County, MD Local Scholarship Application                

  • The 2011 Calvert Local Scholarships Application allows Calvert County students the opportunity to apply for 26 local scholarships using one application form.  To access the guidelines, Provider List, and the 2011 Calvert LSA form; please go to, then click on the Calvert LSA tab.  Download and print the Guidelines and Provider List and then download the 2011 Calvert LSA fillable PDF form, complete online, print and follow instructions for the Calvert LSA Mail-In Packet.  Any questions, please contact Sonia K. Wagner at

  • 2011 Scholarship Applications Available!

  •                 Deadline April 2, 2011!

  • 2011 Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Application (Word)

  • 2011 Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Application (pdf)

  • 2011 Wallace Leeper Memorial Book Scholarship Application (Word)

  • 2011 Wallace Leeper Memorial Book Scholarship Application (pdf)

  • 7/20/2010  Press Release

  • 7/11/2010  LEAP Forward Scholarship Awards

  • 7/11/2010  LEAP Forward Scholarship Reception

  • 5/20/2010   2010 Annual LEAP Forward Newsletter

  • 5/17/2010   Congratulations to our 2010 Scholarship Recipients!

  •                  Andrew Goodrich Memorial Scholarship

  •                 ♫Devin Harrington - Baltimore Polytechnic Institute


  •                       Pamela Offer Memorial Scholarship

  •                    *Sharnice Long - Calvert High School*

  •                   Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarships

  •                          Breanna Harrod - Patuxent High School          

  •                    Dai Quan Garner - Calvert High School

  •                    Keiva Colve - Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

  •                    Crystal Trice - Calvert High School

  •                    Shaunice Fenwick - Great Mills High School

  •                    Anitra Brooks - Calvert High School

  •                    Monica Dureja -Northern High School

  •                    Ashley Madariaga - Northern High School

  •                    Marcus Holland-Combs - Huntingtown High School

  •                    Caira Cartwright - Home Schooled


  •                  Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarships

  •                 Kyle Hutzler - Huntingtown High School

  •                    Jasmine Adams - Georgetown University

  • 04/24/2010   LEAP Forward supports Patriot Technology Summit

  • held in Bowie, MD


  • Twenty-one students from Calvert County participated in Technology Workshops, Exhibits, Technology Demonstrations (Robotics) and other events designed to promote an interest in science, technology, engineering and math career options.  LEAP Forward sponsored transportation and registration.  The DoD (Navy) also contributed to the registration for our participants!


  • 05/30/09      Wallace Leeper Memorial $500.00 Book Scholarships

  • Congratulations to the following recipients:

  • Jay Little, Jr.               Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

  • Jameela Hendricks    Baltimore Polytechnic Institute  

  • Jo'Nel Barnes              Calvert High School                             

  • Michael Ellison            Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

  • Nalynn Holland           Huntingtown High School     

  • Kelsey Edwards          Patuxent High School

  • Jasmine Brown           Calvert High School

  • Ameellah Isley           Calvert High School

  College Majors include Civil Engineering, Architecture, Physical Education, Electrical

  Engineering, Nursing, Behavioral Neuroscience, Business Management, Broadcasting

  and Communications)


  Colleges and Universities include Penn State University, Morgan State University,

  Fayetteville State University, Salisbury University, Washington College, College of

  Southern Maryland and Bowie State University.


  • 07/18-20/08 Five students attend 2008 NSBE Summer Engineering Camp at North Carolina A&T University  Dr. Ronald McNair School of Engineering



  • 06/08/08     Order Verizon - - Support LEAP Forward  with  a  Donation $$$

  • 06/05/08     Congratulations 2008 Scholarship Recipients!

    LaQuita Jones - Calvert High School  ● Jhalita Holland - Huntingtown High School     Quonte Stewart - Calvert High School Ashley Jones - Calvert High School       

    Ashley Lindsey - Great Mills High School  Eugene Plater - Huntingtown High School

    Dynika  Gross - Huntingtown High School 

  • 04/30/08     Just Released!!  2008 LEAP Forward Newsletter

  • 03/10/08     2008 Book Scholarship Application Available Now

  • 08/04/07    Color Purple Fundraiser A Success!  Scholarship Funds $1700.00.

  • 06/14/07    Thank you Toyota Motor North America, Inc. for the Monetary Donation - $5,000.00!

  • 06/12/07    LEAP Forward's Scholarship Fundraiser to New York!                                Join us August 4th!

  • 06/8/07     Congratulations 2007 Scholarship Recipients!                           Kendra EdwardsCourtney SuttonGerard MuschetteJermaine Mason

  • 05/16/07    LEAP Forward participates in Potomac Field Student Aviation Day.

  • 04/9/07     Supporters celebrate Founder's birthday with $1500.00 for scholarships.

  • 03/29/07  LEAP Forward participates in 2007 NSBE Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

  • 03/20/07  Latest Newsletter Posted!

  • 03/17/07  LEAP Forward provided engineering literature during workshops at Hart Jr. High School in Washington, DC

  • 03/10/07  LEAP Forward exhibited at the Family Math and Science Event in Annapolis, MD

  • 03/05/07 2007 Scholarship Applications Available Now!

  • 02/16/07 LEAP Forward participates in Black Engineers Award Conference in Baltimore, MD

  • 11/17/06 LEAP Forward exhibits at New Light Leadership Conference in Baltimore, MD

  • 9/27/06 Founder and President, Rhonda Thomas attended Black MBA Association National Conference and participates in entrepreneur track

  • 7/31/06 Congratulations!!  LEAP Forward Founder and President (Rhonda Thomas) selected by the DC Chapter of the Black MBA Association to attend the National  conference in Atlanta (September 27, 2006)

  • 7/14/06 LEAP Forward participated in the National Society of Black Engineers Region II Summer Engineering Camp in Lynchburg, VA

  • 7/14/06 Seven students attended engineering camp. Three students received awards for participation on winning design teams!  


  • 6/17/06 LEAP Forward presented engineering exhibit at African-American Festival in Calvert County, MD.

  • 5/31/2006 LEAP Forward announced 2006 Scholarship Recipients.

  • 3/30/2006  LEAP Forward selected as community service organization to receive Lenten Season contribution from Carroll Western U. M. Church in Prince Frederick, MD.

  • 3/28/2006 LEAP Forward participated in the National Society of Black Engineers Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • 3/16/2006 LEAP Forward published new website.  Content managed by S&R Design.

  • 3/6/2006 LEAP Forward inaugurated 2006 Scholarship Campaign.

  • 2/17/2006  LEAP Forward participated in MESA High School Day events at the Black Engineer of the Year Awards in Baltimore, MD.