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By Carol Walls, Poet  2006


I have a star with my name on it

I need your guidance to shine,

I know I'm ready to Leap Forward

I've faith in my heart and my mind.


I know I have what it takes

and opportunities are few,

but with your assistance and wisdom

I am bound to make it through.


The roads I'll travel are many

and encounters will differ I'm sure,

I promise I'm motivated and willing

to walk right through that door.


All I need is your support

Dedication and hard work I possess,

I am ready to Leap Forward right now

I am ready to offer my best.


I am not asking for a handout

or that you do it all,

I am asking for your wisdom

so I may stand tall.


I promise to reach back

and keep my roots in mind,

I am so ready to Leap Forward

I am so ready to shine!