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  Thank You notes received from students and to our contributors.

 It was the summer of the year 2000.  I had just graduated from Calvert High School and my heart was set on attending a four-year university where I would pursue a higher education.  My SAT scores were in and my acceptance letter from Virginia State University was proudly displayed on the dining room table.  Although I was overjoyed and filled with excitement about this new journey I was about to embark on, I often felt discouraged by the reality of my situation.  In all actuality I was lacking a great deal of financial support.  Of course, I had applied for financial aid but the out-of-pocket expense was still more than my family could afford.  My mom worked an extremely low income job and my grandparents were both retired state workers living on a fixed income.  As if things weren't already bad enough, two months before I was scheduled to attend college, my grandfather decides to leave our family.  Now the burden was left on my grandmother to handle all household affairs.  My situation seemed hopeless at this point.  If I didn't have the funds beforehand I definitely didn't have them now, so I thought.  My family assured me that everything was going to be alright.  I knew it was in God's will for me to attend college.  I continued to pray and ask him for guidance and my Lord has never failed me yet.  The Lord sent me an angel here on earth.  A wonderful lady and a friend of our family who understood what I was going through.  She opened her arms to me and gave me advice that I still refer to this day.  She even sacrificed her time to accompany me to Virginia State and deal with matters that eventually led me on my way.  This woman who served as my mentor and a model citizen in my community is Ms. Thomas.  I am truly grateful and I thank God for her goodness and her kindness in a time of need in my life.  Ms. Thomas also awarded me with a scholarship on behalf of her organization.  The money I received was put towards my college education and it was vital in helping me my freshman year.  Ms. Thomas and all the wonderful people of this organization has enriched my life and many others who had a dream of going to college.  I graduated from Virginia State University on December 18, 2004 with honors.  I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.  I have relocated to Manhattan, New York where I am currently a literacy and Math teacher at a local elementary school.  My life is filled with much joy and appreciation to those such as Ms. Thomas and her organization that gives back to communities and guide young people to success.  I have accomplished a major milestone in my life with God on my side and the blessings of good successful people who understand the dreams of young people and dedicate their lives to fulfilling those dreams.








Thank you for assisting me with getting ready for college.  I really appreciate it a lot.

Love J.A.B.


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Very Much! Very Much! Very Much! Thank you for supporting and helping me achieve my goals.. Sincerely, B.K.

   P.S.  The Baltimore trip was very beneficial.


Thank You Card... It's my first week of college at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island.  I thank you for the scholarship.  D.J.



LEAP Forward, Inc. has truly been my inspiration.  As I look back over my life and career, I would not be where I am today if it were not for this wonderful organization and its members, Faith, and my belief in God.  My success I owe to you.

I have been blessed to have been supported by this organization financially, emotionally, and academically for the past 9 years and has continued up until now.  Yes, 9 years.  It all started my senior year in high school. The opportunity to participate in several college tours opened my eyes to “a whole new world” for life after high school.  The positive exposure was so influential and beneficial that my decision to attend Tennessee State University in 1999 was made very easy.  The support that I received made the transition from high school to college a breeze.  The mentorship is beyond and above any standard criteria for any mentorship program.  There were times that I wanted to give up.  I thought school would defeat me, but Rhonda coached me through every step of the way.  Her encouragement, enthusiasm, not to mention the love and passion for what she does was exactly “what the doctor ordered”!  I am truly blessed for her being a significant part of my life.

During the two year gap between the completion of my degree and now, I experienced not being able find a job in my field, marriage, and a baby.  LEAP was still there.  In comparison to other organizations after the completion of a degree they still supported me. At this point, emotional support and encouragement was highly favored. It took two years to get my career started.  I felt like changing my whole career path numerous times during this time frame.  Rhonda and Wilhemina spent countless efforts critiquing my resume and helping with the job search.  Not to mention all of the advice, “Don’t give up!  God has something in store for you!”.   I am currently working for Northrop Grumman.  In my five months of working there, I have already excelled, making “Contractor of the Quarter for January – March 2007.   LEAP Forward, you have truly been an inspiration.  I will continue to Learn Excel Achieve Perform Explore Rise!  Thank you for believing in me.

Sincerely,  J.A.



Greatly appreciate the Wallace Leeper Scholarship.  The Scholarship aids in the funding of my college education.  Thank You, D.J.



Thank You Card...The Washington DC Metropolitan NSBE Jr. Chapter would like to thank you for your generous donation towards our trip to the NSBE National PCI Conference in Indianapolis.  Your contribution provided us with the opportunity to learn about engineering disciplines, develop leadership skills, and network with engineering students and professionals.  Thank you for your support,  A.M., J.H., K.V. 



Thank you Toyota Motor North America, Inc. for the Monetary Donation - $5,000.00!

                   Toyota Moving Forward  - We BELIEVE in Your Future