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Exposure to college life is offered through campus tours.  In-state and out-of-state tours are available.  College, university, vocational and trade school tours are available.  Dormitories, cafeterias and major department facilities are toured. A stop at the Admissions office is standard and information is provided on acceptance criteria and financial aid.  Depending on the time of the tour, provisions are also made to allow attendance at step shows, games, homecoming parades, etc.  Detailed tours of the engineering, mathematics, and science facilities are supported.  Laboratories are explored and interaction with current students and professors is encouraged.  On occasion, youth are allowed to observe engineering project presentations.   For more information, contact rthomas@leapforwardinc.org

A Fall College Tour to area universities in Nashville, Tennessee is being planned and will include Tennessee State University’s engineering department visit.  TSU was the college of choice for Jesse Russell (engineer), Oprah Winfrey, Richard Dent, Wilma Rudolph, Ed Too Tall Jones, William Cooksey (engineer), Joseph Cleveland (engineer) and others. Are you interested?