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2005 Recipients

2005 Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship Recipients






Raymond Abad

  • Great Mills high School

  • Towson State University

  • Undecided

  • "Although I am still unsure about what major I plan on pursuing in college, I know that whatever I choose I will give one hundred percent effort to succeed in it."







Montell Rothwell

  • Patuxent High School

  • Tennessee State university

  • Architecture

  • "I firmly believe that it is not only the responsibility of a good student to contribute good to others but a privilege."







Justin Stepney

  • Calvert High School

  • Lincoln Technical Institute

  • Electronics Systems Technician

  • "My parents and I would like for me to be successful and see my Goal turned into a reality.  I would like to be a credit to my community."






Tiffany Caldwell

  • Great Mills High School

  • University of Maryland College Park

  • Chemical Engineering

  • "Almost every daily task or activity can be related to science, so I am always thinking about science in some sense."



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Ebony Charmaine Williams

  • Cardozo Senior High School

  • University of the District of Columbia

  • Nursing

  • "When I become a registered nurse, I plan to make a positive difference to my profession by giving them "my all..."