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2006 Recipients

2006 Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship Recipients






Tashyra A. Jones
Calvert High School
Bowie State University


“My dream since childhood has been to become a nurse.  My goal now is to make that dream a reality.”






Dominique Reid
School Without Walls
University of Maryland College Park


“As a child I always wanted to be an engineer but I never knew what discipline I wanted to go into.  Over the years I have decided that becoming an architectural engineer would be the best decision.”




Terrance M. Hall-Sutton
Calvert High School
Delaware State University
Business or Pre-Law


“I would like to major in Business or Pre-Law and be the first person in my family to graduate from a college… and eventually pursue a successful career as a criminal defense attorney”.








Shoron Waul
Calvert High School
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Music Education


“I’ve always been reminded from my elders of my strong family heritage.” They have always known that going to college is a must.”








Nicole C. Greenfield
Calvert High School
College of Southern Maryland


“I am the first from my family who will attend college and come out with a degree.  It has been instilled in me from an early age;  the importance of getting a good education.