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Text Box: Violet Parker Memorial Scholarship Fund
Text Box: It is with great pleasure that LEAP Forward, in conjunction with the Parker family sponsors this scholarship in Violet Parker’s name and memory.
Text Box: Launching Educational Assistance Programs Forward (LEAP Forward), INC. is a not-for-profit 501C(3) organization whose mission is to encourage disadvantaged underrepresented students to Learn, Excel, Achieve, Perform, Explore and Rise!
Text Box: 1917-2006
Text Box: Though formal education has its place, a lot can be said of education that comes naturally from life experiences.  It is true that being smart doesn’t always equate to book knowledge. Mrs. Violet Parker was a woman who never benefited from a college education but she was a very wise and knowledgeable woman.   She was an “I’m Every Woman.”  Educated by life, this Calvert County resident’s joy was toiling in her gardens and tobacco crops. Those who knew her benefitted from her “life-years” as she freely shared all.  Though Violet never mastered Websters or the verbal section of the SAT, her words moved mountains as she prayed her family through difficult situations.  She always wanted the best for her children, grandchildren, great grand children, great great grandchildren, neighbors and strangers.
In desiring the best for everyone, she was excited and proud of those who pursued higher education.  Many recall her gift of scholarship as she graciously provided “dollars” to encourage and inspire.
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