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In Memory of  Clifton Morsell and Randolph Adams

 LEAP Forward, Inc. administers the Clifton Morsell and Randolph Adams Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship honors the memory of two outstanding men who were raised and educated in Calvert County.Text Box: Clifton Morsell was born in July 11, 1920.  He was drafted into the United States Army/Air Force in 1943, where he served during World War II.  He received several honors including the Good Conduct Medal, African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon, and the World War II Victory Ribbon.  In November of 2010, he was honored by the Calvert County NAACP along with other Calvert County and Washington, DC veterans.  His children remember him as a very caring and devoted father who always stressed the importance of education. 
Randolph Adams was the son-in-law of Clifton Morsell.  He was born in August 7, 1947.  He graduated from Calvert High School in 1967. He was a sand and travel truck driver.  His hobbies included softball, cards and dancing.  From his first marriage with Mae Morsell, he had two daughters, Rantessa Anderson and Marseta Dill. His oldest daughter is an educator in Calvert County public school system.  Through the community outreach activities of Leap Forward, his youngest daughter was introduced to careers math and science and ultimately pursued an engineering degree.  











 It is with great pleasure that LEAP Forward, Inc. sponsors this scholarship in the name and memory of Clifton Morsell and Randolph Adams. 

LEAP Forward, Inc. is also committed to service to others.
May we continue to keep their memory alive in all that we do.   LEAP Forward is a not for profit 501 (c )3 organization whose mission is to encourage disadvantaged underrepresented students to Learn, Excel, Achieve, Perform, Explore and Rise!